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3G Router

RUT500 3G Router

We stock embedded 3G routers which means that you insert the 3G SIM card directly into the SIM card slot of the router.  The 3G modem is already embedded inside the router.  This means that there are no 3G modem compatibility issues and you have everything in one box.

Using an embedded 3G router also helps with the reliability of the 3G connection.  Because 3G is a shared wireless service the 3G networks cant serve every single user at the same time and devices that have not requested any information from the internet are seen as dormant devices on the mobile network and the network disconnects them, however it tells the device that it is still connected but will not allow connection the the internet.  When this happens the user will need to disconnect and re-connect their device to the 3G network to re-establish a proper 3G internet connection to allow connection over the internet.  For a user with a 3G USB modem plugged into their laptop this is easily achieved by unplugging the USB modem and then plugging it back in and the connection is re-established until such time that the network disconnects it again.  For this type of casual user they don’t worry about it and it is ‘just one of those things’.  However, if you are relying upon the 3G router in a remote location to provide access for monitoring and management of equipment such as CCTV, then driving to site to power off and on a router is very inconvenient.  By using an embedded 3G router you can help overcome this problem because many of this type of router will include features like Ping Reboot which will monitor the internet connection by pinging a real world IP address to check whether there is an actual internet connection rather than just a connection to the locatl 3G base station.  If there is not response to the ‘ping’ then the router will automatically reboot and re-establish the 3G internet connection.

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