Cellroute AC

Cellroute AC

Telecom FM Cellroute AC is a low cost GSM Gateway that you insert a mobile phone SIM card into and then connect to the analogue trunk port of your PBX Phone System.  The Cellroute AC Fixed Cellular Terminal then acts like a normal analogue phone line so your phone system extension users can select this GSM phone line and make calls over the GSM mobile phone network.  usually you would use a SIM card that has a bundle of calls to mobiles so the cost of calling mobile phones is reduced.

Product Overview

  • High Ringer Equivalence POTS Interface
  • Supports up to 4 additional extensions
  • Highly compatible POTS user interface
  • Caller Line ID Presentation (Bellcore)
  • Additional GSM network features may be available
  • Subject to network availability and support
  • SIM lock for asset protection
  • (For details contact your service provider)
  • Network Lock for asset protection
  • (For details contact your service provider)
  • Remote Software Upgrades
  • Remote Antenna facility
  • Off-hook Howler
  • Gain adjustment on microphone 1>5
  • Gain adjustment on speaker 1>5
  • Inter-digit timer setting

Cellroute AC

Telephony Interface
Call Control DTMF
Line Voltage 48v on hook
Loop Current 40mA off hook
Line impedance 600-ohm complex
Ring Voltage 70Vrms
Ring Load REN 4
CLIP Bellcore FSK
GSM Interface


E-GSM 900MHz

GSM 1800MHz

GSM Phase 2+

Transmit Power Class 4 (2W) for E-GSM 900 MHz Class 1 (1W) for GSM 1800MHz
Speech Codecs Half Rate (ETS 06.20) Full Rate (ETS 06.10) Enhanced Full Rate (ETS 06.50 / 06.60 / 06.80)
SIM Card 3V
Antenna Integral Omni directional Antenna with SMA connector for external
Physical Interfaces
Telephone Analogue / RJ11
GSM Antenna An SMA male connector
SIM Card 3V Small card retained under rear panel


2 x LED indication for Power / Transmission


Power Supplies
Primary 110-240Vac @ 47-63Hz

Cellroute AC Datasheet

Cellroute AC User Manual

Cellroute AC Reviews
  • Saved us hundreds of pounds per year on calls to mobiles
  • The Cellroute AC was okay but it presented the phone number of the SIM card to our customers so it looked like we were calling from a mobile - we had to insert the SIM card in a phone and switch to number witheld - apart from that a good GSM Gateway for the price