Fixed IP SIM

Fixed IP SIM Cards

M2M Security SIMS Fixed IP Data SIM Solution provides dependable secure two-way communication between any device and any location. The M2M Multi Network strongest signal fixed IP SIMs are rapidly becoming the first choice for businesses that depend of staying connected anywhere in the UK, Europe, USA and Globally.

What is a Fixed IP Address IP SIM?
A fixed IP address (or static IP address) is a permanent address given to one of our M2M Multi-Network Roaming SIMs so they located and talk to each other via the IP address.

Fixed IP Sim Card

Applications for M2M Fixed IP SIMs
The M2M Security SIMS Fixed IP Data SIM solution is ideal for:

  • CCTV Remote Access
  • Remote Monitoring of Wind Farms
  • Telemetry Applications
  • Vehicle Tracking
  • Smart Metering
  • Secure Wireless Payment for Vending Machines
  • Wireless ATM
  • Electronic Point of Sales (EPOS)
  • Digital Signage Applications
  • Distributed Generation Systems

What are the Advantages of Fixed IP?
No matter how many times the connection is lost from the network, the IP address will always remain the same. This guarantees seamless two-way communication that can be transmitted from the device or from the server. M2M Security SIMS Fixed IP Data SIM is linked to a Private Access Point Name (APN), which allows for real-time connectivity using our M2M strongest signal multi-network roaming SIMs.

The Benefits of having a Fixed IP SIM
By having a fixed IP on the SIM, devices are able to be be controlled and accessed remotely.  You know that the device will always have the same IP address and management becomes very quick and simple.

If you have a 3G Router, then a 3G Fixed IP SIM Card is suitable, but if you have upgraded to a 4G Router then using a 4G Fixed IP SIM Card would be preferable and if you have recently upgraded to a 5G Router then a 5G Fixed IP SIM Card is ideal to provide high speed 5G Internet with a fixed IP address to allow remote access to your 5G router and connected devices such as CCTV NVR.

Choosing your 5G SIM network for your location can be done by checking with your mobile network provider or by using a 5G Signal Tester such as the CSL 5G Signal Analyser.