Other 4G Routers

ELPRO 645M-4 Compact 4G Router

The ELPRO 645M-4 is today’s leading solution for enabling your devices to the Internet of Things
(IoT) and Industrie 4.0. Secure connectivity of your devices has never been so important in today’s industrial world.
With the 645M-4 cellular modem, there is a secure, fast, reliable, and simple way to connect your devices to remotely monitor and control them from anywhere.  Using the 4G /LTE broadband cellular technology including 4GX, the 645M-4 ensures fast, reliable, and consistent connectivity with mission-critical field devices and assets.
The 645M-4 is a perfect complement to ELPRO wireless solutions, allowing customers to remotely access their networks and is a perfect tool for troubleshooting and diagnosing network health.

The perfect solution for remote monitoring and control of critical customer assets, using reliable and proven cellular network technology.


• Water / wastewater pump control connectivity
• Irrigation monitoring and control
• Secure remote access to equipment
• Utility metering
• Wellhead monitoring
• Video Surveillance
• Pipeline management
• IIoT Deployments
• Smart grid networking
• Secure Peer to Peer networks


• 3G/4G/LTE Connectivity including Band 28
• Compact design for easy integration into machines or electrical cabinets
• SMS to control router online/offline, reboot, status, IO alarm, WiFi state
• Integrated RS232 Serial Server
• Automatic fallback to 3G networks
• LAN/WAN Fallback for redundant networks
• WiFi for remote hotspot and mobile applications
• IPSec & OpenVPN Client & Server, L2TP, PPTP
• GRE, Port Forward, DMZ
• Enhanced security for both cyber and data transmission
• 2 x 10/100M LAN / WAN Ports
• Antenna diversity for WiFi and Cellular bands
• 5-40VDC input range with -40 to +85degC operating temperature

Option Globesurfer 3G Router

Globesurfer III was one of the best selling 3G routers in its day and provided users with an embedded 3G modem so users could connect multiple PC’s via Ethernet or WiFi and provided a great alternative to using a dongle for 3G mobile broadband.

The Globesurfer 3G router is no longer manufactured but there is still a great second hand market for these much loved routers.


Proroute vs Teltonika size

Here is a quick post showing you a photo showing the physical size comparison between Proroute H820, Proroute H685 and Teltonika RUT950 and Teltonika RUT500.

Proroute vs Teltonika

You will see that the Proroute H685 M2M router is the smallest using this quick comparison.  The H685 is smaller than the other routers in width, height and depth.

The Proroute H685 is available in a 3G router and 4G router version, with each version just containing a different internal modem.

The H685 is supplied with 2 x Ethernet ports, 1 x LAN and 1 x WAN, however the WAN port can be changed to a second LAN port using the web user interface.  A simple click in the settings will turn the WAN port into a fully usable LAN port.  This makes the Proroute H685 a nice compact 3G or 4G router with 2 x LAN ports and WiFi with embedded modem, MiMo 3G/4G antenna connectorsand  MiMo WiFi antenna connectors.