5G Routers

Teltonika 5G Router

Teltonika M2M 5G Router

Buy the Teltonika 5G Router to enable the insertion of a 5G SIM Card and enjoy high speed 5G Mobile Broadband Internet connectivity.  Ideally using a 5G Fixed IP SIM Card will provide you with a 5G router and SIM solutiuon that can be connected to, thus enabling remote access to your 5G router and using port forwarding, connect to the attached devices, such as a CCTV NVR or IP cameras.  The high speed 5G Mobile Broadband network makes the Teltonika 5G router ideal for many M2M remote access and monitoring applications that need a high speed download and upload capability.  5G download and upload speeds are dependant upon the distance of the router to the 5G basestation and of course any capacity issues based upon the number of 5G devices simultaneously connected to the same 5G basestation and the amount of simultaneous downloads and uploads taking place.

Robustel R5020 5G Router

Robustel M2M 5G Router

Robustel 5G Router (R5020) is the new high speed M2M 5G / IoT Connectivity solution providing high speed M2M 5G INternet connectivity using the embedded 5G Modem to enable the insertion of a 5G SIM Card to enable connection to your choice of 5G mobile broadband provider.  Of course the best option of 5G SIM provider will depend upon the availability of 5G services in the location of the 5G Router.  If the router is located indoors where there is a poor 5G signal, but there is a much better 5G signal outdoors then you may want to consider installing an outdoor 5G Antenna to receive the 5G signal and deliver it along the antenna extension cables to the Robustel R5020 5G Router.

Sierra Wireless 5G Router

Cradlepoint 5G Router

AMIT 5G M2M Router

DIGI 5G M2M Router