RUT240 4G Router

The Teltonika RUT240 is a cheap 4G router for people that want the cheapest 4G connection option.  Available directly from Teltonika or from Amazon or ebay sellers the RUT240 lets you insert a 4G SIM card and connect wired or wireless devices to share the 4G connection.


The SIM card can be easily removed just by sliding out the SIM holder on the side of the router making it ideal for quick insertion of your 4G SIM card and this means that it can also be easily be removed.

There are two Ethernet ports on the RUT240 router as well as built-in WiFi.

We are not sure what LTE UE Category modem the RUT240 router uses, Teltonika advertise that the maximum download speed of the RUT240 is 70Mbps however LTE CAT 4 would normally be 150Mbps download and LTE CAT3 would be 100Mbps download and LTE CAT 2 would be 50Mbps download so it appears to be somewhere between CAT2 LTE and CAT3 LTE.  This basically means that you should only use this router for your applications that don’t need the fastest 4G Speeds.  This is probably how they manage to make the price of the router so cheap.

RUT240 4G Router

The Teltonika RUT240 is easy to set up and install – you simply insert your 4G SIM Card, preferably a 4G Fixed IP SIM Card if you need remote access and connect your PC to the Ethernet Port (or via WiFi) and make a few configuration changes, for example configure the APN settings for your SIM Card.

The RUT240 will then connect to the 4G network and if using a Fixed IP SIM Card then you can now access the RUT240 4G router remotely and using port forwarding connect to the devices on the LAN.

Teltonika RUT240 4G Antennas

The Teltonika RUT240 router is supplied with 2 x stick type 4G antennas that have SMA Male connectors. If you need to connect a different 4G antenna to the RUT240 router, for example connecting an outdoor 4G antenna then this is possible, just make sure that the antenna you purchase has the SMA Male antenna connector.