AirLink LS300 3G Router


The AirLink LS300 is a compact, intelligent and fully-featured communications platform that provides real-time wireless capabilities for fixed and mobile applications such as:

  • Remote asset monitoring
  • Smart meters
  • AVL applications
  • Public Safety vehicle deployments
  • Point of sale terminals
  • Digital signs

The AirLink LS300 has multiple communication ports including serial, Ethernet, and USB ports. The power connector has one digital I/O pin for remote monitoring and control and one ignition sense pin to turn the device on and off and trigger the low power mode.

The AirLink LS300 is a 3G cellular device that supports a variety of radio bands options, both on HSPA+ or CDMA EV-DO cellular technology.

The AirLink LS300, when coupled with the rich embedded intelligence provided by the embedded ALEOS software, is the perfect choice for a broad set of machine to machine solutions.