Teltonika RMS Pricing

Teltonika RMS price is based upon a monthly licence per device. So if you have a single device and need Teltonika RMS for a full year then you would purchase 12 units. Each of these monthly RMS units is called a credit and 1 credit is equal to 1 month of access on 1 device.

For example, 36 credits could be for 1 device for 3 years, 3 devices for 1 year, or 36 devices for 1 month.

Alternatively, you can keep credits back and allocate them to devices as and when you need to.

What is Teltonika RMS?

The Teltonika Remote Management System (RMS) conveniently accesses, monitors and manages all Teltonika networking devices including RUT2XX, RUT8XX and RUT9XX routers. The most popular routers used with Teltonika RMS are the RUT950, RUT955, and RUT240 4G Routers. Many of the office type routers which are not used for M2M remote monitoring and management applications do not tend to need the RMS solution as access to the router can be obtained via the Local LAN.

The RMS allows users to securely gather status information of their devices and to change their configuration even if the devices do not have public IP addresses.

Users can access, monitor and control whole router fleets from within a single, web browser-based interface. The Teltonika Remote Management System is compatible with browsers across all platforms and requires no installation or additional plug-ins.

Teltonika RMS for remote access to M2M devices

In October 2020, Teltonika announced an upgrade to their RMS platform that would enable Teltonika Routers to provide remote access to the connected devices via the RMS platform, thus removing the need to use a Fixed IP SIM Card.

Centralised system
Access, monitor and control whole router fleet from within a single, web browser-based interface. Compatible with browsers across all platforms, requires no installation or additional plug-ins.

Firmware and configuration updates
Deploy your desired con­figuration ­template or new ­firmware version to multiple units or groups of units at the same time. Over-the-air bulk upgrade and con­figuration signif­icantly reduces the costs of system maintenance.

Accessibility and security
Your routers will not be dependent on having a public IP address for remote access, decreasing maintenance costs and increasing effectiveness. Communication between routers and main server is secured by hardcoded OpenVPN connection, which requires no configuration and protects communication channel from tampering.

Maintenance and diagnostics
Users receive information that helps them to visualize the unit’s location and check performance indicators like temperature, signal strength and all device details. For proactive diagnostics – remotely reboot devices, download troubleshooting or system event files for in-depth health analysis.

Improve overall performance and efficiency of your whole network based on conclusions of reporting tools that allow creation of custom reports related to device availability, performance and exceptions. Actively know how your network is behaving.

RMS Pricing

The monthly cost of a Teltonika RMS Credit in the UK is £1.50 + VAT and can be purchased online by several Teltonika Stockists.