Virtual Access GW2040 Dual SIM 3G Router


The Virtual Access GW2040 router is a handy, rugged and compact 3G wireless router suitable for a variety of business and industrial applications.

The product line provides a cost-effective broadband Machine-to-Machine (M2M) solution and supports the following radio access technologies: HSDPA, HSUPA UMTS, EDGE, GPRS and GSM.

The Virtual Access GW2040 has a compact and rugged structure, which makes it a suitable product for deployments in M2M applications such as CCTV, ATM, telemetry, SCADA, retail (POS), digital signage, and intelligent traffic systems.

The GW2040 from Virtual Access incorporates Virtual Router Redundancy Protocol (VRRP). VRRP can facilitate 3G WAN backup services to existing ADSL routers, providing both WAN and router redundancy to critical business applications.

The Virtual Access GW2040 Dual SIM 3G Router offers firewall, VPN and QoS (QoS) facilities commonly required by today’s business applications; making it a practical choice for either static or mobile data communications.

The four port 10/100 Mbps managed VLAN switch offers port-based VLAN segmentation. The four ports can also be configured as separate Ethernet segments with firewalling between them. Both auto-detection and manual selection of speed and duplex are provided.


  • Broadband M2M communications
  • SIM failover/standby APN
  • 3G failover for fixed line broadband connections
  • Rapid service deployment applications
  • SMS support

VA GW2040

  • Local and remote advanced configuration through embedded web server and Java applets
  • Customisable embedded web interface
  • TFTP client download/upload
  • Configuration change log
  • SNMP agent
  • Telnet server
  • RADIUS management user authentication
  • Performance Monito


Fault Investigation and Reporting



·         Event logging

·         Full protocol-level trace and debug

·         Syslog support

·         Email event alerting

·         Trace route

·         Ping (single/continuous)

Router Features



·         DHCP server/client

·         DHCP relay

·         DNS Proxy

·         Cisco Discovery Protocol (CDP) auto-VLAN support

·         NAT

·         Packet filtering and firewalling

·         Port forwarding

·         Support for IP, TCP, UDP, PPP, PPoE,

·         BGPv4, RIP, RIPv2

·         OSPF

·         Virtual Router Redundancy Protocol (VRRP)

·         GRE

·         PAP/CHAP security

·         Loopback interfaces

·         Custom scripting language

·         SNMP MIB II




·         Hardware security engine for high performance encryption and authentication

·         Manual and automatic key management

·         HMAC-MD5-96 and HMAC-SHA-1-96

·         3DES (168bit) and DES (56bit) with explicit IV

IKE-related VPN Specification


·         Support for ESP and AH

·         Main mode, aggressive mode and quick mode

·         Authentication using RSA signatures, DSS signatures and pre-shared keys interworking

Wireless Connectivity




·         Multi-band variants

·         900/2100MHz

·         Power Class 3 (+24 dBm)

·         HSUPA mode: 5.76Mbps: category 6

HSDPA modes:



·         HSDPA 7.2: Categories 7 and 8

·         HSDPA 3.6: Categories 5 and 6

·         HSDPA 1.8: Categories 1-4, 11 and 12

·         Equalisation and Rx diversity at the same time

·         UMTS: 384Kbps operation in up- and down-link

·         Support UL and DL compressed modes

·         Power Class 1 (1W) for 1800/1900 bands

·         EDGE class E2 (+27 dBm in 850/900 bands,+26 dBm in 1800/1900 bands)

·         GPRS/EDGE multislot class 12 (4 slots Rx, 4 slots Tx)

·         GPRS/EDGE Class B type 1 MT

·         GPRS CS1-CS4; EDGE MCS1-MCS9

LAN Interfaces



·         Four 10/100 base-T Ethernet ports

·         Auto detects full- or half-duplex operation

·         Auto detects a regular or crossover cable for easy connection to a switch or hub

VLAN Support



·         Tag-based 802.1Q VLAN or port-based VLAN on 4 ports
Antenna Options



·         Supports optional dual antenna configuration for diversity

·         3G rubber antenna (supplied as standard)

·         External Blade

·         External Through Hole

·         External Magnetic Mount

·         FDO Penta-band High Gain Omni

·         WMO Wall-mount Multi-band Omni

·         SMA female antenna connector

Approvals and Certificates



·         EN60950 safety approval

·         EN55022 and EN55024 EMC




·         100V-240V AC, 5 Watts

·         10V-15V DC PSU

Physical and Environment



·         Unit size: 124W 120D 30H mm

·         Unit weight: 500g

·         Optional lockable SIM cover

Operating temperature



·         -20°C to +70°C with DC power lead

·         -20°C to +70°C with optional extended temperature AC power supply

·         0 to + 40°C with standard AC power supply